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nike air max thea mens cheap

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First, the shoe should be relatively dry in a ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, because the humid environment may cause corruption of the body shoe, shoes, sun exposure causes deterioration of part of the material color. But where they put the shoes should not be too dry, because the cause of leather cracking. Because humid conditions can cause corruption of the body shoe, shoes, sun exposure causes deterioration of part of the material color. Second, save the shoes, the shoes should be stuffed in a soft ball of paper, the main purpose of doing so is the ball of paper inside the shoes can absorb residual moisture inside to keep dry, but also help to maintain a fixed shape of shoes, not As for the use after the "Beat." Third, the particular need to be raised for the preservation of collection type, it is best to buy some shrink film, like the shoe to a pair of shoes which completely encase the same, in order to achieve a large extent on the shoes with air isolation, to prevent a longer period of time keep the air oxidation of shoes. For example, the visible air cushion, such as nike air max thea mens uk, or on behalf of, the outer end of 16 generations within a few years will gradually turn yellow, shrink-film to keep the original color is a better choice.

In the Save method, since basketball shoes are more types of raw materials production, for example, a pair of nike air max thea mensshoes on the material used is likely to include leather, cloth, nylon, non-dragon, marking rubber, etc., which led to the production process more complex, where the glue will stick together more. It is these materials to ensure the performance of a pair of shoes, to maintain the performance lies in the proper handling of a pair of shoes, so that the materials mentioned above will not aging. So the correct way to write stored should note the following points.

In the cleaning area. For different materials should have a different approach. Side of the shoe out sole and non-material part of the dragon, you can spray a little collar net, over ten seconds to take a soft bristle toothbrush after gently scrub, but scrub the time not too long after the brushing with warm water or cold water should be promptly wash away the foam to minimize the erosion of chemicals on the nike air max thea mens cheapshoes of time. Should be cleaned immediately after the residue with a dry cloth to wipe clean water, clean the shoes are visible if the test air, then finished first in the above process will clean the air around the water, some water for a long time so as not to break down the glue on chemical changes leading to open plastic.


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